I grew up on a busy farm in Co. Wicklow where, from a very young age, I helped out with my brother and sister in the day to day running of the farm. Our parents taught us to tackle practical problems in an efficient, hands-on way and instilled in us the firm belief that no task was ever too challenging or so daunting that it should be avoided!

When I left home I was drawn to the world of business and spent 15 years working in the wine industry in Ireland, UK, New Zealand and France.  My work involved liaising with suppliers, distributors and customers and it was always service driven: listening to clients, addressing their issues and problem solving for them. I had to ensure that their needs were met and that customers always got both what they wanted and needed.

The idea for ClearMove came about after my great-aunt passed away at the age of 93 and my family were faced with the clearance of her much-loved home of many years. At the same time, my siblings and I were helping our parents to downsize, and it became apparent to me that there was an opportunity for someone to step in to help support and streamline the process and take the stress away from those who were emotionally involved in the moves.

As a practical problem solver who loves sorting things out, I can minimize both the stress and time commitment involved in these situations for clients. I provide sensitive guidance and practical support across all aspects of moving house or clearing a home, which frees people to focus on moving forward to their next new chapter.

Moving on doesn’t need to be stressful or chaotic. My role is to co-ordinate and direct the different elements of the process into a smooth transition. And I keep an eye on the little things as well, such as making sure appropriate valuations are carried out on furniture and antiques, and ensuring no potential treasures are overlooked.


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